Our Story

B-Unique has been making beautiful personalised gifts for all ages for around 8 years, through both Social media and our website. I am a small business that has developed from a love of taking something simple or plain and turning into something unique and personal as a gift for babies & toddlers. Lots of my ideas & inspiration come from family & friends who are most supportive. I am based in a beautiful seaside place in Dorset where I am very  lucky to live on the coast

How it all began.......

I had always worked in offices and did a lot of crafting in my spare time, when my daughter was small the craze for little girls was "My Little Pony" and I used to make bespoke furry horses for her with their own unique design and name, she loved them. Unfortunately I went through a period of ill heath 8 years ago and had to give up the business I had created and look for an alternative. I had always made special little sets for family & friends newborn babies so I could give them an unique gift. They were always well received and appreciated. When my grandson was born 9 years ago all new mum's had started using muslin squares for mopping up dribble etc but the problem was they were all white and similar so at Baby and Toddler group if a white muslin was put down everyone thought it was theirs. So I was asked if I could use my skills and make my Grandson some personalised ones which I did and he loved them and still uses to take to bed and the muslin is still good shape. After that the personalised muslins took off and are still one of my best sellers and so the current B-Unique was created

I still love to take plain and mundane baby products and clothing and personalise them so they are unique to the recipient. My aim is to create personalised items for babies and children to treasure forever

I also stock a selection of gifts & items for family & home which are not personalised. This is an area which I hope to expand to include some Baby room items and more Home Items and Decor that can be for yourself or given as a gift.


I try to only stock good quality items in small quantities which I would be happy to receive myself and strive towards excellent value for money for my customers. Customers are important to me and I have a lot of repeat business from previous customers who come back again & again.


I use tried & tested garment films which are Oke certified and safe for babies and young children. They are hard wearing, long lasting and soft. They are fixed permanently to garments etc and do not have to have a stiff backing as some embroidery items do. I have used these films for a number of years and still have items in use printed 9 years ago that are still looking good.